Baby Insanity Wolf

Baby Insanity Wolf Blank Meme Template

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Cute Wolf, puppy, wild animal, pup, puppy, barking, howling

The Baby Insanity Wolf Meme Template is a picture of a wolf cub howling in what seems to be a field of grass with purple flowers.

The first meme from this images was created on December 18, 2013 and was posted to Reddit with the title “ How I feel about a lot of the new Insanity Wolf postings lately.” The post quickly went viral and it’s been a popular template to this day.

The first time this image appears on the web was back on June 20, 2011 when it was uploaded to Currently this website seems to be outdated but the site’s Twitter feed is still being updated with a new website attached.

You can use this meme however you wish but most people use it to describe acts of bold disobedience.

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