Baby Yoda Sipping Tea

Baby Yoda Sipping Tea Blank Meme Template

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Baby Yoda, also popularly known as Yiddle, featured in the famous Disney+ series known as the Mandalorian. The character looks very similar to a baby version of the Star War’s popular character and Jedi, Yoda.

The image of Baby Yoda or Yiddle sipping tea or some other hot beverage came out during December of 2019 and most memes were directed on how baby Yoda was preparing for the onset of winter and was preparing for it in his own unique style.

Many memers also took this template as a replacement for Kermit the frog sipping tea. Kermit the frog has been used as the go-to for sipping tea memes, and baby Yoda seems to have overtaken it now with this template.

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