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Bad Luck Brian Blank Meme Template

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Bad Luck Brian is a popular meme image that has been part of mainstream social media for almost a decade now. The image was first posted on 2012 when a poster named Ian Davies, posted a picture of his friend Kyle from elementary school, with a caption that talked about him taking a driving test and getting his first DUI during it.

The meme has since grown and become popular on internet circles, with Brian being used and depicted as someone with extremely bad luck. Meme makers use unlikely situations and scenarios to determine just how tough going is for people with bad luck.

You can use this meme template to create your own Bad Luck Brian meme template.

Just add an unlucky situation where you run out of luck, and post it with this image of Kyle. There is something about Kyle’s expression here that makes it look like he is laughing at his own joke.

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