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Batman Slapping Robin Blank Meme Template

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The Batman Slapping Robin Meme, also known as the ‘My Parents are dead’ meme, is basically an image of Batman slapping his partner Robin. The meme spread like wildfire across the internet and has since then generated plenty of discussion on social media. While comic fans are curious over the actual analogy and use of the meme, other memers in general are concerned about using this meme.

The template basically shows a picture of Batman slapping Robin and is used by memers to reject an idea that sounds stupid and overused. It is basically used to put an end to something that has lived its due course. The picture itself comes from the comic, World’s Finest #153. This comic comes from 1965 and shows Robin, Batman and Superman teaming up together to head on to various adventures in this world or in some other alternate universe.

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