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The Big Chungus meme template refers to an inflated image of Bugs Bunny the cartoon character. The image is often referred to or captioned as ‘Big Chungus’.

The meme initially became a hit when designed it to look like a cover for a game. Chungus as a word is new to the English dictionary and was initially used by Jim Sterling, a video game journalist.

This inflated image of Bugs Bunny was part of the Merrie Melodies series and was first seen in Wabbit Twouble. Fat Bugs looked cute and hit home with many viewers.

The joke and the meme became popular when a confused mom went to a Gamestop store and asked for a fat Bugs Bunny game titled Big Chungus. The employee couldn’t hold his laugh and posted the account on 4Chan. The meme has since then spread like wildfire and there have been numerous other Chungus rip offs as well in the process.

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