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The Chocolate SpongeBob meme is from season 2 of famous children’s show SpongeBob Squarepants. The show revolves around the lives of SpongeBob and his other friends under water. This meme is from the episode ‘Chocolate with Nuts’ and includes SpongeBob with a recurring actor Tom Smith.

The episode shows SpongeBob going around the neighbourhood and selling nut chocolates to everyone. Tom Smith is in his house when SpongeBob and Patrick come knocking. When SpongeBob attempts to sell chocolate to him, he begins screaming ‘Chocolate’ at the top of his lungs repeatedly. Later during the episode, he reappears to buy all of the chocolates being sold by Patrick and SpongeBob.

A YTMND was first made of the clip back in 2006 and now the meme is part of multiple social networks and YouTube videos. The meme is used to show someone very excited at the thought of buying something.

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