Daniel Radcliffe With Two Guns

Daniel Radcliffe With Two Guns Blank Meme Template

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Daniel Radcliffe Holding Two Guns is a meme template born in 2018 out of a group of pictures taken on the set of Daniel’s at the time project, film Guns Akimbo. The meme started when a Twitter user @dracomallfoys tweeted several of these images with the caption “this new harry potter movie looks great”.

Ever since then, this meme has spurred many captions and has been spreading all over social media. Taken out of the context, Daniel Radcliffe in the street in fuzzy slippers and underwear covered by a bathrobe holding up two guns and his manic face just needed an explanation and the HP memers surely delivered. Not that hard a job with all the randomness and relatability this meme has.

The film’s trailer clarifying the unusual scene was only released in January 2020. Some fans jokingly explain this time gap arguing that the meme itself is the reason for the movie and not the other way around.

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