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House on fire, evil girl, child smiling at burning house, house burn, fire on house girl

The Disaster Girl meme is a Photoshop meme with an exploitable setting. The meme is based on the photo of a smiling girl superimposed into pictures of accidents and natural calamities, implying that the girl has something to do with the events. The meme has been used on countless occasions to depict the damage someone has caused through their actions.

The photograph of the girl and the burning house was initially taken by Dave Roth back in January of 2004. The picture was from a local fire department’s drill training in Mebane, North Carolina. In one of the pictures, Dave’s daughter Zoe, can be caught smiling devilishly, juxtaposed against the solid burning structure of the house.

The meme was made a hit by Buzzfeed in 2008, when they posted it on their platform with the caption ‘Just as I had planned it’. The meme has since been known as ‘Disaster Girl’.

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