Distracted Boyfriend

Distracted Boyfriend Blank Meme Template

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The distract boyfriend or the guy checking out another girl has been one of the most popular meme templates over the last few years. This meme is a stock photo that shows a man looking at the backside of a woman walking in the opposite direction as him, while being with another woman. With this the, presumable, romantic partner looks on in disbelief.

This meme first came as a source image by Antonio Guillem on stock photo website iStock during the year 2015. The earliest possible use of this image as a meme comes from 2017, when it was used by a Turkish newspaper. Ever since then, this meme has been hot fire.

The popularity of the guy checking out the passing woman meme lies in how relatable it is. The meme can be used to point cheating celebrities or just how some people prefer something rebellious over a more convenient option like being loyal.

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