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Donald Trump Hair Blank Meme Template

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This image of Donald Trump with his hair gushing against the wind is a fan favourite for left wing meme makers today. The picture is particularly famous for young people who want to show the President’s toupee. This funny image of Trump is used by meme makers to show the president with his hair flowing all over the place.

One things for certain, the fake news media and journalists use this template to make money over the last 3-4 years, and it seemed to work.

The picture is also used to suggest that Donald Trump has a toupee. There is a growing number of memes with this image of Trump Photoshopped further. Some have used his face and hair on other pictures of him to present a funny look.

You can use this picture to show a new side to Donald Trump and how he’s a bit different than what the world perceives of him. This image is for both, haters and supporters alike, to show their own message.

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