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Expanding Brain Blank Meme Template

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The expanding brain meme is a sarcastic, multi-panel exploitable series of images comparing the brain size of a person and how it is reacting to different variables. The brain size expands over the vertical series of images and eventually shows a galactic version of the human brain at its full potential. While the expanding human brain has been considered as a means of showing intellectual superiority over others, this meme takes a sarcastic dig at it and shows the brain using full capacity to be the most stupid. For instance, when the meme is used with Whomst, the person using ‘who’ will be shown with the smallest brain. However, the person using the most absurd variation like ‘whomst’d’ve will be shown with the largest brain.

The meme first originated around the end of 2017, when the Whomst meme was first launched. The meme showed different variations of the term ‘who’ and how some people used it intensely.

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