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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appeared virtually to the Senate Commerce Committee hearing on November 28, 2020 to talk about Twitter’s content moderation practices.

Google and Facebook CEO’s were also there but Dorsey was highlighted by users on his own platform because of his long “ugly beard”.

The billionaire was there to talk about Section 230, a 2006 law that spares social media giants from being held liable for the posts published by their users.

The virtual hearing was highlighted by Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, who asked Dorsey a series of questions on the suppression of free speech.

Dorsey denied any allegations on election interference after Twitter “mistakenly” blocked the New York Post from sharing an article that has dirt on Hunter Biden, who is the son of Democrat Party leader running against President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Many blue checkmarks of Twitter called on their followers to caption this meme template, so here is it.

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