Look of Disapproval

Look of Disapproval Blank Meme Template

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Two eyes, disappointed, not approved, the look, don’t give me that look

The Look of Disapproval Meme Template is a famous sequence that is used to show one’s disbelief or disapproval through an emotion. The emotion is delivered through an emoticon, which does a good job at putting your disbelief through.

Since this disapproval look dates back to old key stroke keypads, it features the ಠ character. While the character finds its origin in the language of Kannada, which is a famous Dravadian language inspired by the famous Sanskrit, the meme itself has nothing to do with it. The earliest use of this look of disapproval dates back to 4chan and a Japanese imageboard site known as 2channel.

The emoticons were used to form this look of disbelief for the first time in 2007. You can use this meme as a reaction image to show your reaction to something that is surprising and shocking for you.

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