Michael Jordan “And I Took That Personally”

Michael Jordan “And I Took That Personally” Blank Meme Template

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The Michael Jordan “And I Took That Personally” Meme Template is a still picture of famous basketball star Michael Jordan while on the set of the Last Dance. The star can be seen saying ‘And I Took That Personally’ in the clip.

The Last Dance is an ESPN documentary covering the Chicago Bulls during 1997 and 98. Jordan can be seen mentioning certain things during the season that he took personally and that motivated him. The moment Jordan says ‘I took that personally’ never really happens in the documentary, but memers made a meme out of it based on how many things Jordan says he takes personally during the course of the documentary.

You can use the template to show things certain people would take personally and be sensitive to. You have great room for creativity with this template.

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