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Nut Button Blank Meme Template

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Blank Nut Button is a funny meme template that refers to a hand going immediately toward a blue button with ‘nut’ written on it.

The image comes with text written on top of it, indicating why nutting off was the most plausible option. Over time, the meme has evolved and the word ‘nut’ has been replaced with different words and used in different contexts. These words aren’t always of a sexual nature and can mean different things.

It was on 6th December 2015 that Tumblr user posted the original image as a meme, as a reply to the Smash a like post. The button has now gone around social circles and is used as the blank nut button. Even blogger posted later that he created the meme with poor intentions and didn’t expect it to beknown as the Nut Button.

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