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The Patrick Says meme template comes from the famous children’s animated show SpongeBob Squarepants. The show was particularly famous with kids and has found its endgame in meme generators on the internet today.

Patrick Starfish was one of the prominent characters on the show and this meme shows him telling a self-concocted motivational story that has nothing motivational about it. The meme comes from Season 2 of the much loved show and involves Patrick telling what he considers a motivational story to encourage SpongeBob.

When asked to narrate a motivational story Patrick Star said, “Once upon a time there was an Ugly Barnacle it was so ugly that everyone died… The end

He says this with an emotional tear in his eye, much to SpongeBob’s disappointment who wanted a motivational story. The meme has been used by internet users to depict a useless story with no motive whatsoever.

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