Philosoraptor Blank Meme Template

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The Philosoraptor is one of the most famous and oldest meme templates on the internet today. The image is based on an advice animal macro and features a picture of a Velociraptor with his hands and nails on his chin. The Velociraptor looks like he is seriously contemplating something and is worrying about the repercussions of something he has done or is planning to do.

This meme template of the Philosoraptor was first released in 2008 by a content creator for a fashion company. The content creator thought the image of a dinosaur looked cool and would signal better online sales. The image went on to become a popular sensation on the internet and is now being used for multiple interpretations.

Users can use the Philosoraptor to ask questions inspired by curiosity, but those that sound stupid on first look. The image cleverly represents a thinking dinosaur that looks puzzled.

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