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Ricardo Milos is popular in meme circles online for his erotic dance video that caught the attention of many users. His dance video is popularly known as danced like a butterfly, and is a rip off of the famous Mohammad Ali quote that goes ‘dance like a butterfly sting like a bee’. Obviously, this kind of erotic dancing is definitely not what Ali had in mind when he gave this title to his moves.

These dance moves helped establish Milos as a famous character online and played a major role in promoting his success. People onine began dancing like Milos in different Tik-Tok and reaction videos during the year 2018.

You can also use this template of Milos dancing to either make a funny meme or to post as a reaction meme. You can dance like a butterfly to show your excitement or enthusiasm about something. Obviously, Milos had a bit of erotica involved and you can skip that.

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