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The two buttons meme template, which is also famously known as the ‘Daily Struggle’ meme, shows a comic character deciding between pushing one of two red buttons, labeled with contradicting statements. The meme shows the character sweating, depicting just how tough the choice is.

The meme first came out on October 25th 2014, when animator Jake Clark posted it on his Tumblr blog. The meme depicted a visibly shaken comic wiping sweat off his forehead while choosing between two red buttons labeled ‘Be a D*ck’ and ‘Don’t be a D*ck’.

In the years following its creation, this comic has received a lot of traction online and is now common across meme makers.

The comic is basically used to depict the confusion some individuals have between selecting one of two rather silly options. The choice between the options is simple, but the comic still sweats in confusion.

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