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UNO Draw 25 Cards Blank Meme Template

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The UNO Draw 25 is the name given to an image macro consisting of a side-by-side image of blank Uno cards and a man with a hefty hand of cards with him. On the blank card, memers add a choice between a certain call to action or drawing out 25 more cards from the deck. The images, when paired together, give the impression that the person in context would do anything and suffer losing the game rather than do what the card asks for.

The original meme was first posted by a user named Damien Jones, a random guy on Facebook. The meme was suddenly so relatable that it was shared around 200,000 times by users. In the original image Damien held a card that read: ‘Call or text your most recent ex OR draw 25.’ Obviously, this was something that most people could relate to and would avoid.

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