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Yo Dawg we like you, black man, braided hair, we like you, laughing

The Xzibit Yo Dawg meme template also known as the Sup Dawg or Yo Dawg meme is based on shots of popular American rap artist Nathaniel Joiner. Joiner was better known for his pseudonym, or the stage name he carried of Xzibit.

Since first hitting the internet circles back in 2007, the Xzibit Yo Dawg is popularly known as the longest lasting templates on the internet. The original image of Xzibit Yo Dawg first appeared in a 4chan chat back in 2007. After the chat was posted, there were multiple posts made on the expressions that Xzibit had in one of these photos. Xzibit can be seen smiling from ear to ear in one of these photos and holds a rather hilarious expression.

Memers today use this picture as a reaction image and also as a meme to depict Xzibit as he is laughing to something stupid someone has said.

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