What happens after saving memes

We only have 3 basic rules for creating memes.
  1. No adult content
  2. No racism
  3. No illegal content
All memes that go through our generator will be moderated by an admin, you will have a minimum of 1 hour to download your meme before it either gets removed from our servers, or published to the website.
We only publish memes to the website that do not include someone’s face unless it’s one of our meme templates, chances are if you upload an image we will delete it from the servers after 1 hour.
We practice what we preach, we don’t publish adult, racism or illegal memes, those get deleted after 1 hour minimum.
Memes can sometimes be complicated but we make sure to look through every meme and determine wether to publish or delete it. We’re only human and are doing our best, if you feel a meme slipped by us please send us a message here.